Trackdown: Help find the men who shot Julia Savala

A 78-year-old grandmother with dementia was shot but managed to survive. The two gunmen were caught on tape, but police said the biggest clue is the light blue Dodge Charger they were in, with after-market chrome wheels.

Trackdown: Help find the person of interest in Simmion Dillard’s murder

This week, Dallas police have asked FOX 4’s Shaun Rabb and you, the viewers, to help solve the murder of 41-year-old Simmion Dillard, who was killed last week in the 1900 block of Singleton Boulevard in West Dallas. Detectives have gotten bits and pieces of information but not what they need, although they are certain someone has it and just isn't giving it up.

Lumber thieves continue targeting North Texas home builders

One homebuilder immediately beefed up his cameras after a theft at his West Dallas home site Friday morning, but he was targeted again that night. Then it happened a third time. And when he went to lunch, it happened a fourth time. Little did the thief know that the cameras were rolling.