FOX 4 News investigates North Texas dealership

Calls and emails have been pouring in with viewers asking for help after they said a local car dealership left them in the lurch. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello is On Your Side with details.

FOX 4 Investigation: Grand Prairie ISD Home Renovations Update

The Grand Prairie Independent School District released two invoices that show the district paid $45,000 for a fence around the district-owned house where its superintendent lives.  That's on top of the $80,000 spent renovating and upgrading the home.

FOX 4 Investigation - Superintendent Perks

A Fox 4 Investigation exposed some expensive perks taxpayers are giving to North Texas school superintendents.  In our report in March, one perk stood out to viewers: a home, bought by the Grand Prairie Independent School District, that the superintendent lives in.

Pricey perks for North Texas superintendents

As many North Texas school districts struggle to increase teacher pay, fix dilapidated school buildings and get new technology, a FOX 4 Investigation has uncovered some pricey perks you may not know the people at the top are getting.

Lead levels in drinking water lowered to safe standard at two more Fort Worth schools

Two more Fort Worth ISD schools have been cleared as "safe" after water quality tests had revealed high levels of lead at dozens of schools. Last month, a FOX 4 Investigation uncovered that the problem will take longer to fix than first believed. Fort Worth ISD tested 127 schools over the summer and started replacing 500 drinking fountains with levels of lead above the city's safety...