Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How can I find a specific story or link mentioned on FOX 4 News on

The easiest way to find stories on is to search the site by keywords associated with your story. For example, if you want to watch Steve Noviello's latest Deal or Dud segment on the Chill Chest, you should search for terms like "Deal or Dud," "Steve Noviello" or "Chill Chest." Please note that not all stories that air on FOX 4 News are published to Links and phone numbers mentioned on television can usually be found on the Links from on Air page.

Q: How can I get a copy of a news story?

KDFW FOX 4 and do not sell or give away news video.

Q: I missed my favorite show. How can I get a copy?

Neither KDFW FOX 4 nor the FOX network can provide or sell videos of any shows, specials or movies that air on FOX 4, unless a special telephone number is announced at the end of the show. offers some episodes of FOX network shows for online viewing.

Q: Can I re-watch video that was streamed live on

In most cases, it is possible to rewind the in the live video player to watch newscasts and events streamed earlier in the day. However, sometimes video is only available for the duration of the event. We occasionally upload highlights or video clips to after the fact as space and bandwidth permit.

Q: I'm having a technical problem with the site. Can I get some help?

Please use the Contact Us form to send technical questions to the web staff.

Q: How can I submit a birthday listing to appear on Good Day?

See Let Good Day Wish You a Happy Birthday for details.

Q: How can I contact a reporter, send a news tip?

Most FOX 4 personalities have included their e-mail address in their biography. Search by name or visit the Personalities page to find specific reporters. Please visit the Contact Us page to send us news tips or to reach someone about regular segments.

Q: Can I send you news video or photos I've taken?

We love viewer-submitted news! We encourage you to email your photos and video to or to send them via Facebook or Twitter. Be sure to tell us your name and where the pictures were taken!

Q: Can I put news or video on my own site?

You can put some video from on your own site or social network page. Click on the Share or Embed button in the video player for options.

Q: Will you post information about my upcoming event?

Community posts are welcome on our Facebook wall. Press releases can be sent to If you have a commercial or paid advertisement question, please contact

Q: My favorite show has been canceled. What can I do?

If the show in question is a FOX Network show (airing in primetime), you can write to:

FOX Publicity
ATTN: (Show Title)
P.O. Box 900
Beverly Hills, CA 90213

Or you can e-mail If the show in question is a syndicated show (airing outside of primetime), send a letter to:

ATTN: Programming Dept.
400 N. Griffin St.
Dallas, TX 75202