On Your Side: Fraudulent Returns

According to the National Retail Federation, for every $100 of returned merchandise accepted at a store, retailers lose almost $6 to return fraud. It’s a lesson a Lake Highlands woman learned the hard way twice.

On Your Side: The Boy Who Could

Doctors once thought her son may not live past the age of 6. Now, he’s a teenager. A mom and her son are now helping others facing incredible odds.

On Your Side: The Me Squared Cancer Foundation

One North Texas cancer survivor barely done with her own treatment turned the obstacle of COVID closures into an opportunity. Now, her foundation is ready to pay it forward to other patients who need support.

Trackdown: Help find Lawrence Salazar's killers

In this week’s Trackdown, Dallas police have asked the public to help find the killers of 39-year-old Lawrence Salazar, who was trapped in his garage apartment by gunfire and shot to death.

Deal or Dud: Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw

A manual chainsaw that fits right in your pocket. The manufacturer says it’s perfect to clear brush and build shelters, but can it pass the Deal or Dud test?

On Your Side: Stimulus checks & filing taxes

If you didn't receive all or any part of your stimulus payments, now is the time to take action. New fine print to figure out this tax season that for millions of Americans will mean finally getting their stimulus payments.