Trackdown: Help find Rashard Guinyard's killers

Fort Worth police are hoping someone can help them find the men in a red Honda with a missing back bumper that opened fire on a group of high school kids leaving a party back in April.

Trackdown: Help find Courdney Dawson’s killer

Dallas police need help identifying the men who killed Courdney Dawson while trying to steal his truck. It happened last month outside the Tiger Mart at I-35 and Ann Arbor in Oak Cliff. Dawson was a completely innocent victim.

Trackdown: Help find Willie Najera's killer

Dallas police say a verbal argument at a Dallas Dave & Busters quickly turned into a physical one. That's when shots were fired and a father of two was killed. Police need your help to find the person of interest who walked away after the shooting.

Trackdown: Help find Eric Montes’ killer

In this week’s Trackdown, a Dallas man was robbed and shot to death in front of his mother on Mother’s Day, giving his life to save hers. Police released a sketch of the killer, hoping someone recognizes him.

Trackdown: Help find Duvonta Lampkins' killer

Police investigating the murder of a former University of Oklahoma football player in a Dallas apartment have two new pieces of evidence to go on as they search for his killer.