Trackdown: Help find Willie Najera's killer

Dallas police say a verbal argument at a Dallas Dave & Busters quickly turned into a physical one. That's when shots were fired and a father of two was killed. Police need your help to find the person of interest who walked away after the shooting.

Trackdown: Help find Eric Montes’ killer

In this week’s Trackdown, a Dallas man was robbed and shot to death in front of his mother on Mother’s Day, giving his life to save hers. Police released a sketch of the killer, hoping someone recognizes him.

Trackdown: Help find Duvonta Lampkins' killer

Police investigating the murder of a former University of Oklahoma football player in a Dallas apartment have two new pieces of evidence to go on as they search for his killer.

Trackdown: Help find the Frisco DoorDash home invasion robber

A violent robbery in Frisco left an elderly woman so afraid that she sold her house and moved away. Police say the robber either was or posed as a food delivery driver when he broke into a home. The crime is still unsolved nearly two years later.

On Your Side: Faulty Samsung Fridges Pt. 3

FOX 4 has an update to a story we have been following for the last year about faulty Samsung fridges. The company has settled nearly $10 million in disputes with dissatisfied customers. So how does Samsung continue to rank so high when it comes to customer satisfaction?

Trackdown: Help find Shanique Alex's killer

In this week’s Trackdown, Dallas police hope someone can help solve the murder of a young mother of two who was killed while driving family members to a neighborhood store.