Dallas String Quartet releases holiday album

They're referred to as Bach meets Bon Jovi. The Dallas String Quartet performs contemporary classical and pop music using both traditional and electric strings. And the group just released its holiday album -- A Very Merry Christmas.

Dance and technology are combined for Sleeping Beauty Dreams

The show Sleeping Beauty Dreams is a Sleeping Beauty story you have never heard or seen before. This one has a mature twist to the old tale, revealing what the princess dreamed about during her 100-year slumber. Good Day's Shannon Murray got a preview of the technology that creates digital avatars that mimic Sleeping Beauty in her dreamscape, creating an immersive experience for the audience. More: www.facebook.com/sleepingbeautydreamsart/

TMZ: Taylor Swift's Music Drama

TMZ's Harvey Levin reports on the latest music drama for singer Taylor Swift. Some of her fans are standing up for her. And some are taking it too far, threatening the man who owns some of her music rights.