Save Me Steve: Pets and holiday leftovers

Thanksgiving Day is done but many of us will continue to enjoy the holiday with leftovers from dinner. Some of those foods can be dangerous or even deadly for dogs and cats. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello has a warning about what not to feed your pets.

Save Me Steve: What not to buy on Black Friday

Bargain hunters, brace yourselves. The Black Friday sales have already started. But before you go in search of deals, consumer reporter Steve Noviello says there are some things you should skip.

State Fair of Texas: Deals & Discounts

The State Fair of Texas is underway and no matter your budget or the size of your family there are discount opportunities every day of the week.

Save Me Steve: Halloween décor on a budget

It's time to get a jump start on your Halloween décor. This year you can grab big things even if your budget is not. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello shows off some larger-than-life looks.

Expert demonstrates how AI voice scams work

Your loved one is in trouble and desperately calls you for help. The reality is... that voice on the phone isn't really your friend. You've been scammed thanks to artificial intelligence. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello talked to some experts who demonstrated just how frightening this trend is.

Save Me Steve: Saturn app warning for parents

It may be time to check your teenager's cellphone. The social and schedule sharing app Saturn has exploded in popularity now that the new school year is starting. But warnings from parents have caused some districts to block it and the app to make security changes. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello shares what you need to know.

Save Me Steve: Back-to-School Gear

As the school year begins, there are a lot of things your student could use to help make it a great year. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello shares his favorite products for students at every age.

Dreamhouse-worthy products from the Barbie movie

The opening weekend Barbie box office was a record breaker and now the pursuit of pink is on! From stemware from the set to a royal relaxer, consumer reporter Steve Noviello has the Barbie-inspired products worthy of a spot in her dreamhouse.

A new way to watch local news without cable

Consumer reporter Steve Noviello shows off a new way to enjoy local news from your local FOX stations from anywhere in the world. It's called FOX Local and it's the new streaming service for your smart TV. It gives you access to exclusive content from FOX-owned local television stations, including FOX 4.

Motorola Razr Plus Review

Andrew Utterback of CTRL-AC joins Steve Noviello to talk about the new Motorola Razr Plus. The phone has a foldable screen and even lets you keep scrolling when the phone is closed!