Save Me Steve: Baby Safety Products

September is National Baby Safety Month. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello -- who has two little ones of his own -- shows off some products to help you keep an eye on your little ones.

Save Me Steve: Tailgating Gear

Whether or not your team makes it to the ends zone, you're sure to score a touchdown at your next tailgate. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello gets expert advice and shows off the must-have products to win big this football season.

Save Me Steve: Summer Products

It's time to pack your bags for summer fun. Whether it's a family vacation or an outing around town, consumer reporter Steve Noviello has the gear you'll want to pack along. 

Save Me Steve: Stop the summer brain drain

Now is the time to stock they toy chest to help the kids avoid summer brain drain. From coding and counting to hacking and harvesting butterflies, consumer reporter Steve Noviello has his top toy picks.

Save Me Steve: The Partners Card

The Partners Card is the signature fundraiser for the Family Place, the largest domestic violence agency in Texas. Starting Friday, you can get a card for $70. It gives you access to 20 percent discounts at close to 100 stores at NorthPark Center. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello gets all the details from NorthPark ambassador Kimberly Schlegel Whitman.

Save Me Steve: Home and Housewares

The next generation of home appliances will debut this weekend in Chicago. First, a select few products are making a stop in Dallas. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello has his hands on tomorrow's household helpers today.

Save Me Steve: No Shave November

The first of November for some men means it's time to put down the razor and raise awareness. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello is among them. He's on Day 1 of No Shave November.

Save Me Steve: Viewer Mailbag

You've always got questions and he's always got answers. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello takes a moment to answer some viewer questions so that everyone can benefit. How can you be sure you're getting the best rate at a car dealership? How should you recycle old electronics safely and can you feel confident when buying from a door-to-door salesman?

Save Me Steve: Gifts for Guys

There are just 10 days left until Christmas Eve and Steve Noviello knows great gift ideas for guys are tough to come by. He shares some of his favorite gift ideas and even includes a little gift for her.

Save Me Steve: Fire Safety

Firefighters are reminding North Texans to replace their home alarms. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello shows you the latest technology to keep your family safe.

Save Me Steve: After the Storm

One month after the North Texas tornados, the cleanup continues. Pick the wrong contractor or make an insurance error and you could have a whole new mess. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello has details about some free resources and money.

Save Me Steve: CES

Call it the Super Bowl of electronics. The only way to get a look inside is through consumer reporter Steve Noviello... or maybe that shady security guy that Tim Ryan paid off.

Save Me Steve: Retirement Savings

Whether you plan on retiring in three years or 30, there are ways to manage your money and prepare now. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello shares these tips with an expert.

Save Me Steve: Selfie Gifts

Fawning over Facebook or into Instagram? If it's all about you and you are selfie obsessed, consumer reporter Steve Noviello has the perfect gift ideas for you.

Save Me Steve: Gifts for Seniors

Your holiday shopping has never been easier. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello has the only gift guide you need and his most asked about category is seniors.

Save Me Steve: Turkey Labels

Consumer reporter Steve Noviello says you might be paying more because of what's on the Thanksgiving turkey labels. From "cage free" to "young," he says buzzwords are really nothing to give thanks for.

Save Me Steve: No Shave November

It’s all about men’s health issues this month. The idea is to grow awareness and raise funds by growing out your beard or moustache. You’ll see Steve Noviello doing it all month long and you’ll see segments on men’s health.

Save Me Steve: Tailgating Gear

Tailgating has never looked so good. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello looks at some pre-game supplies that could turn anyone into a sports fan.