Save Me Steve: Protesting your property appraisal

The real estate market in Texas is hot and that means your home is likely worth more. But it could also mean higher property taxes. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello is hosting a live Facebook event to tell you how to protest and how to know if you might succeed.

How to protest your property appraisal

Property appraisals are going out and many are finding property values went up despite the pandemic. The good news is you can protest your appraisal and some experts say you should. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello explains.

Save Me Steve: Pandemic Travel Trends

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Texas electricity relief program coming to an end

A program helping hundreds of thousands of Texans keep the power on during the pandemic is ending soon. FOX 4's consumer reporter Steve Noviello outlines the options for the people who have been relying on the state's electricity relief program.

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Save Me Steve: Home Office Products

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Here's how COVID-19 is affecting property tax appraisals

Dallas County sent out property appraisal notices by mail and online. But if you want to protest your value and possibly lower your tax bill, things look a little different this year. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello talked to Cheryl Jordan with the Dallas Central Appraisal District learn more.