Here's how COVID-19 is affecting property tax appraisals

Dallas County sent out property appraisal notices by mail and online. But if you want to protest your value and possibly lower your tax bill, things look a little different this year. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello talked to Cheryl Jordan with the Dallas Central Appraisal District learn more.

Save Me Steve: Stimulus Check FAQs Part 1

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Save Me Steve: Coronavirus, rent and evictions

Many of you have seen your income adversely affected or cut out all together during the COVID-19 crisis. And that's left you worried about losing your home. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello answers some questions about renters rights and Dallas County's hold on evictions.

Save Me Steve: Why is the coronavirus affecting the economy

You have questions about coronavirus and not just the medial kind. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello has been asked about travel, ordering online and the stock market. He talks to economist Callum Clark about why the virus is affecting the global economy so much and what (if anything) people should do to manage their investments.

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