Save Me Steve: TOTO S550e Washlet

Consumer reporter Steve Noviello reviews a bidet system that claims it can completely replace toilet paper. But the bottom line (for your bottom) isn't savings. It's so much more – most of which you never knew you needed. Here's why.

Save Me Steve: Summer Vacation Tips

Many families hope to travel this summer without breaking the bank. So how do you keep costs low and fun high? Consumer reporter Steve Noviello shares the strategies he uses for his own family vacations.

Save Me Steve: What the Turbo Tax settlement means for consumers

The makers of Turbo Tax agreed to restitution for more than 4 million customers to settle a federal lawsuit. At the center of the allegations, the company repeatedly advertised a service as free when most people had to pay for it. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello talks about what happened and what that means for you.

Save Me Steve: Frugal celebrities quiz

As it turns out, Good Day's favorite resident cheapskate has very good company. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello designed this quiz to test your knowledge of frugal celebrities. Some of the results may surprise you!

Save Me Steve: Ways to save money on gas

If you are trying to navigate your way around high gas prices, some ways to save could end up costing you more in the long run. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello joins Good Day to talk about good deals and bad ideas.

Save Me Steve: Shrinkflation

Prices are up. That's inflation. But some companies are playing tricks on your eyes. That's called shrinkflation. FOX 4 consumer reporter Steve Noviello has some examples of products that have recently gotten smaller.

Save Me Steve: Financial help for COVID-19 funerals

For families hit hard emotionally and financially by a COVID-19 death, there is help from the federal government. But fewer than half of those who qualify have claimed the money to pay for funerals. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello explains.

Save Me Steve: Save on prescription drugs

If you are overwhelmed by the crippling cost of prescription drugs, that could end for you today. A first of its kind pharmacy is putting people ahead of profits to save members up to 99 percent on drug costs. It sounds too good to be true but consumer reporter Steve Noviello says it is.

Save Me Steve: Romance Scams

There is a disturbing increase in people being cheated out of their money online. A new and rapidly growing twist is cheating people for love. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello has a warning from the FTC.

Save Me Steve: Don't make these money mistakes

Many of us make mistakes handling our money. Good Day gets advice from the man who knows how to handle his -- consumer reporter Steve Noviello. He shares real-life horror stories about car buying, home repair and even shattered cellphone screens.

Cyber Monday: Tips for finding the best deals online

Retailers are hoping to cash in this Cyber Monday as many of us will go online to bag bargains. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello says while the savings forecast may be a little cloudy, there are still ways to create your own custom discounts.