Good Day Birthdays

Want Good Day in Dallas-Fort Worth to wish your loved one a Happy Birthday live on the air? E-mail us a photo of the birthday boy or girl, along with their name, age and birth date. And please include your phone number.

Requests MUST be received at least THREE weeks before the actual birthday.  Due to the volume of requests, we are only able to air birthday wishes for children age 5 and under, and for seniors aged 90 or older. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT WE WILL AIR YOUR BIRTHDAY (but we'll do our best.)

Saturday birthdays will air on Fridays, and Sunday birthdays will air on Mondays.

We will do our best to upload them to after they air around 8:20 a.m. on TV.

Send Your Pictures: E-mail them to in JPG format, and please try to keep the file size below 2 MB. Larger files may not get through our e-mail system. Good Day does not accept mailed submissions. We receive lots of images daily, we will only respond to you if there is an issue with your picture.

By submitting a photo, you agree to give FOX 4 Dallas and other Fox-affiliated entities permission to use your photo on all of our platforms until further notice. Do not submit photos if someone else’s permission is needed.