Police hopeful Hamilton Park drug bust will curb crime in the area

Police hope the recent drug bust in Hamilton Park will turn the tide in an area that's long been a hotbed for crime. Still, some in the community remain skeptical. Many people who live there want direct answers and want to know how the bust will make things different.

Authorities arrest 21 Dallas gang members, seize 200 pounds of drugs

The Dallas Police Department along with local and federal partners announced a successful violent crime bust targeting the "Hamilton Park Posse.' More than 200 pounds of cocaine, marijuana and fentanyl were seized. Police also recovered dozens of firearms and hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash.

Trackdown: Help find the July 4th Hamilton Park gunmen

Dallas homicide detectives call what happened in Hamilton Park on July Fourth an ambush. When the bullets stopped, six people had been shot. Three would not survive. Dallas police released new surveillance video first to FOX 4’s Shaun Rabb. The seven or eight suspects are the focus of this week’s Trackdown.