The Tex Factor: Airsoft Warriors

See why the veteran, the peace officer, the recovering addict, and the convicted felon all say airsoft is more about the healing than the harm.

The Tex Factor: The Texas Music Mecca

Josey Records in Farmers Branch is one of the largest record stores in the nation. How it is carrying on the legacy of a record store pioneer.

The Tex Factor: Andretti Karting

The Tex Factor tours Andretti Indoor Karting and Games, and talks with the legendary Mario Andretti about the message he’s driving home after losing his nephew to colon cancer.

The Tex Factor: Doughboy Donuts

People drive for miles to shop at Doughboy Donuts. The Tex Factor shares the story behind the North Texas sensation.

The Tex Factor: The 'Rock' Star

Davis Cornell is a rock star, literally. The Tex Factor talks to this stone sculptor about his jaw-dropping artwork.

The Tex Factor: Hand Drawn Pressings

The Tex Factor tells the story of Hand Drawn Pressings in Addison and shows viewers how they make vinyl records every day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.