The Tex Factor: The Texas Theater

The Texas Theater in Waxahachie, one of the oldest theaters in Texas, has had its share of tragedies. 

The 127-year-old venue was destroyed by fire several times, but Texans always brought it back to life. 


The Tex Factor: TrainTopia!

20,000 man-hours and more than a million dollars went into making TrainTopia a North Texas destination spot for train lovers and history buffs. The Tex Factor takes you on board this magnificent train layout and gives you a view of its history you won’t get anywhere else.

It provided decades of entertainment and memories, but in 2012 it was closed and lay dormant for many years. That is, until a young Waxahachie businessman bought the theater and returned it to life. 

The Tex Factor shows you the theater’s past, how it's thriving in the present, and what the new owner, Jon Garrett, is doing to move it into the future. 

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