On Your Side: Fiat-Chrysler helping with complaints about North Texas dealership

There is an offer of help for customers of two local Alfa Romeo car dealerships that are facing a growing number of complaints.  Now, Fiat-Chrysler corporate is getting involved.

The doors are locked and the lights are out, but are they officially closed?  That's the question many are asking about Alfa Romeo Fiat of McKinney.  We visited the dealership and found the same locked doors you're reporting.  This, of course, after receiving dozens of complaints from viewers about trade-ins not being paid off and titles for purchases not being issued.

The dealership is owned by Kamkad Automotive and North Texas resident Ken Strickler.  While it's rumored that the business has been sold, the state Department of Motor Vehicles says that has not happened, at least not through the required channels at their office.

In the meantime, we have been working with Fiat-Chrysler who tells us they are aware that the two independently owned Kamkad dealerships have "not met the customer service standards expected of FCA-US dealerships based on the complaints received directly from consumers".  They will "review all available remedies and will work with any impacted customers".

When asked what those available remedies might be, their spokesperson would not elaborate

To apply for their help by insuring that your complaint is on their radar, call (800) 992-1997.  This help is only for customers who bought new and used Fiat-Chrysler vehicles.

As for everyone else, Texas has some guidelines for what customers can do if a dealership closes prior to transferring title paperwork:  https://www.txdmv.gov/motorists/consumer-protection/dealer-closures