Basic Training Podcast: Organizing 101

From clearing clutter to organizing old photos and trinkets, organizing expert Jessica Nickerson is in for a one on one talk which includes questions from our listeners.  Who doesn't have a box of "stuff" collecting dust?  Jessica can help you weed through your mess, display what's special and create a sustainable system for your lifestyle. 

Basic Training Podcast: Surrogacy - Our Journey to a Growing Family

Starting a family is an amazing journey. There's an emotional part, a practical part and even a financial part. Starting a family through surrogacy has all of those things, plus some challenges that only someone who's gone through them can really appreciate. 

Basic Training Podcast: Hiring a Roofer

Eric Armstrong, President and Partner at Quick Roofing talks with Steve about all the questions you should be asking before hiring a roofer – and probably don’t.

Basic Training Podcast: Savings Angel

Josh Elledge, founder of, joins Steve to talk about how to save money, make more money, and live a more abundant life. 

Basic Training Podcast: Nerd Wallet

Nerd Wallet writer Liz Weston joins Steve to talk about figuring out where you are in your savings plan and how to automate the whole thing. 

Basic Training Podcast: Blooom

Steve talks with Blooom CEO and co-founder Chris Costello about helping people get the most out of their workplace retirement account. 

Basic Training Podcast: Couples Figuring Out Finances

Handling one person’s finances are hard enough, here’s how couples can grow their cash together. Steve talks with Michelle Manners, First Vice President - Investment Officer, Wells Fargo Advisors.

Basic Training Podcast: Dealing With Dodd-Frank

President Trump’s agenda may be big changes to the Wall Street reform law. Here’s how to get ready. Steve discusses possible changes in the Dodd-Frank Law with Ken Goodgames, CEO of the Community Council of Greater Dallas.

Basic Training Podcast: Take Control of Your Money

Certified financial planner Ken Moraif from ‘Money Matters with Ken Moraif’ joins Steve to discuss how to get started on saving money and building wealth – no matter how much money you make!

Basic Training Podcast: Rather Be Shopping

Kyle James, founder of spends his days trying to find the best online coupon codes, printable coupons, and bargains at all your favorite online stores.

Basic Training Podcast: Brad's Deals

Coupons aren’t just for your parents anymore! Casey Runyan joins us from - a team of deal experts scouring the web every day to find the best deals on just about everything.

Basic Training Podcast: Extreme Couponing

Jen Freeman is a television personality, nationally acclaimed speaker, was featured on TLC’s ‘Extreme Couponing’ and ‘Extreme Couponing All-Stars’.