Audit finds $250K in questionable spending by 2 Grapevine city employees

The city of Grapevine says an internal audit found $250,000 in questionable spending by two senior city employees, including hotel stays, flights, tickets to football games, lawn furniture, Amazon purchases and more. The case is serious enough that the Tarrant County DA is ordering a grand jury investigation.

It's All Good: Honoring Veterans

Veterans Day is next week. Terrance Friday & Jeremy Robinson share some ways North Texas will honor veterans. Jeremy also shares a touching story about his family's military history.

North Texans remember and teach the history of 9/11 terror attacks 20 years later

Several events across North Texas will mark 20 years since the Sept. 11 attacks. While they may bring up painful memories for those old enough to remember exactly what they were doing when the World Trade Center's twin towers fell, the memorials are serving as important history lessons for the younger generation.

City of Grapevine honors Wally Funk

Grapevine honored Wally Funk, the woman who became the oldest person to go into space, with a parade, celebration and a proclamation of Saturday as Wally Funk Day.