Dallas County commissioners say Senate Bill 11 will overcrowd jails, strain resources

The Texas Senate gave initial approval to a bill that would create a state-level crime for entering the country illegally. The measure would make it a Class A misdemeanor punishable by a year in the county jail. That would mean Texas counties — ostensibly Dallas County as well — would have to cover all costs for anyone arrested under the new law. All the legal costs and medical care costs with no state dollars to support it.

Dispute ongoing over access to Dallas County juvenile records

Monday’s hearing was supposed to decide whether the commissioner could get 90,000 records of juveniles in the juvenile detention center. Judge Eric Moye did not rule on that Monday because of another investigation taking place.

Commissioners concerned as Dallas County jail nears full capacity

Capacity for men and women is at more than 8,100. Currently, the jail is nearly 90% full. One commissioner is casting most of the blame on the judges handling felony charges. County documents show about 1,000 felony cases have not been filed.