Dallas delivery pop-up Ritas & Queso now a mainstay

Owners Julian Barsotti and Glen Collins join Good Day to talk about their delivery startup called Ritas & Queso. Its success shows just how resilient and creative the restaurant industry can be. More: ritasandqueso.com

Pet of the Day: Samuel

Samuel is friendly and easy to get along with. He's also the SPCA of Texas' Pet of the Day and is looking for a new home. Adopt: bit.ly/3fgQRhT

$300 million from the CARES Act allocated to help at-risk veterans

The federal law that is intended to help those severely affected by the coronavirus includes money specifically targeted to veterans. Dr. Keith Harris, a psychologist from the Department of Veterans Affairs, joins Good Day to talk about the specific needs vets have because of COVID-19. More: va.gov/homeless/

Many teachers worried about their safety in the classroom

Teachers have just as many questions about the start of the school year as parents. But the new safety guidelines issued by the state of Texas offer few answers. Zeph Capo of the Texas American Federation of Teachers joins Good Day to talk about some of the concerns.

Doctor gives advice on safety in the classroom

Families will soon face a tough choice on how their children will attend school -- in person or virtually. Good Day gets practical advice from Dr. Jeffrey Kahn, the chief of infectious diseases at Children's Health and a professor at UT Southwestern.

Restrictions keeping many restaurants from making a profit

Despite the shutdowns and seating restrictions, some restaurant owners are hanging on. But they aren't sure how long they'll be able to do it. Anna Tauzin with the Texas Restaurant Association talks to Good Day about the way the organization is trying to help those in need. More: txrestaurant.org/texas-restaurant-survival-plan

Texas Tribune looks at COVID-19 in daycares, Texas Tech classes & early voting

The COVID-19 pandemic has families facing difficult decisions about going back to school -- from preschool all the way to college. Texas Tribune reporter Alana Rocha joins Good Day to talk about the spread of the coronavirus in child care facilities, a test run for Texas Tech and the runoff between M.J. Hegar and State Rep. Royce West of Dallas. More: texastribune.org

Dallas County effort aims to slow the spread of COVID-19 among Hispanics

Hispanics are significantly more likely to be affected by the coronavirus and there is an effort in Dallas County to address that. Dr. Brian Williams is an advisor to the county on that very issue. He talked to Good Day about how officials are trying to reach those communities and help them stay healthy.

Making a choice between classroom and online learning

Some parents are losing sleep trying to decide whether their children should return to school or stay at home learning virtually. Michele Towns is a coordinator from the group Plano Moms. She said many of the moms in the group feel like they just don't have enough information to make an educated decision. More: PlanoMoms.com

Coronavirus expert gives an update on vaccine trials, school safety

There are several potential coronavirus vaccines in the works around the world with the president promising one very soon. Good Day gets a reality check from one of the world's top coronavirus researchers, Dr. Ben Neuman from Texas A&M Texarkana. He also answers one of the questions many parents have. Should I send my child to school?

School districts still looking for guidance from TEA

Texas schools will resume STAAR testing this school year even with everything going on with the pandemic. One North Texas superintendent is not thrilled about that announcement. Castleberry ISD Superintendent Dr. John Ramos says districts are still looking for reopening guidance.