Dallas pilot program helps those facing eviction with $250 for rent

The latest data shows rent prices in Dallas County have gone up by some 17% this past year. It can be a lot for the average resident to absorb. But for the most vulnerable residents, it can mean facing possible eviction. A new pilot program is aimed at keeping those residents right where they are.

Dallas City Council member concerned about city's rate of spending

With property values soaring, some Dallas City Council members are concerned about the size of the city's spending along with it. One council member pointed out that if the city's spending continues at this pace, its reserve fund would no longer be at the recommended level in just three years.

Dallas needs $54 million to install sidewalk ramps that meet ADA requirements

Dallas City Councilman Chad West is frustrated that city management did not agree with making pedestrians a priority in response to a recent audit. He says the current approach continues to put walkers at risk in a city that historically has struggled to improve its walkability. Dallas has the fifth-highest pedestrian fatality rate out of the 25 largest U.S. cities.