Animated 'Grimsburg' series premiers on FOX

Actor John Hamm stars in and executive produces FOX's new animated series "Grimsburg." He joined Good Day to preview the new series, his new animated character, and guest stars which include a "Mad Men" reunion.

I Can See Your Voice returns to FOX 4

A new season of I Can See Your Voice kicks off Wednesday night on FOX 4. One of the celebrity detectives, Adrienne Bailon-Houghton, joined Good Day to talk about the new season.

David Spade hosts 'Snake Oil' on FOX

With huge cash prizes on the line, celebrity contestants have to figure out if business ventures are bogus or the real deal in FOX's new game show. Good Day got a preview from the host of "Snake Oil" -- comedian David Stade.

New celebrities compete on FOX's 'Name That Tune'

A new season of stars are competing for charity on FOX's "Name That Tune." Band leader and former American Idol judge Randy Jackson talks about what's in store this season and how he handles the music for the guessing game.

MasterChef Season 13 to end with an epic battle

The MasterChef: United Tastes of America competition will crown a winner tonight. FOX's Ashley Dvorkin talked to Chef Gordon Ramsay and the other judges for a preview of the Season 13 finale.