Man accused of selling gun to Colleyville synagogue hostage-taker to stay in jail

Authorities say Malik Akram contacted Henry Williams looking to buy methamphetamine, cocaine and a machine gun with numerous bullets. He explained he was looking to intimidate someone who owed a debt. Federal investigators confirmed the gun, which was stolen, had been fired during the standoff in Colleyville and was recovered at the scene.

Colleyville synagogue hostage crisis was a hate crime and act of terrorism, FBI says

The FBI was more emphatic on Friday that last weekend’s act of terrorism at a Colleyville synagogue was also a hate crime. They said no other people have been arrested locally, though they think they know everyone he’d been around. However, they still don’t know how Akram got the gun he used to take the synagogue members hostage.

Terrorism threat 'heightened' over holiday season, DHS says

While DHS said it had no credible information on a specific threat, the agency warns in its latest national terrorism advisory bulletin that mass gatherings for the upcoming religious holidays could be potential targets.