Dallas weather: Freezing temperatures ahead as arctic air comes to North Texas

Arctic air is on the way, and it will put a chill over North Texas as Christmas approaches.

The big plunge in temperatures will happen on Thursday as a mass of arctic air moves into the metroplex.

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Thursday morning temperatures will be in the 40s, chilly, but not too bad. 

The front then comes through dropping temperatures to the 20s on Thursday afternoon and on Friday you will wake up to temperatures at 10 degrees!

If that's not cold enough for you, the wind chill will be below zero on Friday morning.

The wind chill will sit at -6 degrees in DFW around 7 a.m. on Friday.

The weather will not be as cold as the Feb. 2021 winter freeze, and it won't stick around for as long, but if you have exposed pipes you should wrap them up, bring your pets inside and leave your faucet dripping overnight to try to avoid pipes bursting.

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Things will warm up a bit throughout the day, but not enough to get above freezing.

The freezing temperatures will stick around for a few days.

The lows will be low, but not enough to break any records.


Friday the low will sit at 10 degrees, Saturday is up to 13 and Sunday will be at 19.

On Thursday, we could see a few pellets of sleet, but that's all.

Christmas Day Forecast

For those of you who may be hoping for a white Christmas, sorry, there is not any snow in the forecast.

On Christmas Day, things will warm up a bit with high around 40 degrees, but temperatures will still be very chilly when you wake up to open presents on early morning.

There will be clouds in the sky on Christmas Day, but you will see a fair amount of sun.


After Christmas more mild temperatures will be around next week.