Texas: The Issue Is - Gov. Abbott on the border

Texas Governor Greg Abbott talks with FOX 26's Greg Groogan about the current situation on the border. Abbott talks about the state's Operation Lone Star and has some harsh criticism for the Biden Administration, including Alejandro Mayorkas.

Texas: The Issue Is - May Runoff Elections

Runoff elections are only a few weeks away and the fight over school vouchers likely hangs in the balance. The FOX Texas Trio take a look at what the primary elections showed, plus the races they will be watching in May.

Texas AG Ken Paxton avoids trial in fraud case

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton reached a deal to avoid a trial in a nearly decades-old fraud case. FOX 4's Steven Dial, FOX 26's Greg Groogan and Rice University's Mark Jones discuss what the deal means for Paxton and his future in politics.

Gov. Abbott helps oust anti-voucher incumbents from Texas House

After Gov. Abbott failed to convince a group of mostly rural Republicans to pass school vouchers in mid-November, he followed through with a stronger negotiating tactic on Tuesday by ousting a handful of those opponents from office.