Accused serial killer Billy Chemirmir found guilty of capital murder for a second time

Accused serial killer Billy Chemirmir was found guilty of capital murder in the 2018 death of 87-year-old Mary Brooks.

A Dallas County jury took less than 30 minutes to convict Chemirmir, who showed no emotion as the guilty verdict was read.

It is the second time Chemirmir has been found guilty of capital murder.

Friday's guilty verdict means Chemirmir faces two lifetime sentences in prison, making it less likely one will be thrown out on appeal.

Brooks’ relatives have been waiting for his moment for four years.

Following the guilty verdict, they hugged one another and relatives of other elderly women Chemirmir is accused of killing.

Brooks was found dead inside her Richardson home back in January 2018.

Prosecutors said Chemirmir followed Brooks home from a Walmart that fateful day, and killed her for her jewelry.

The defense called the evidence circumstantial.

But in the end, the jury found Chemirmir guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Brooks' daughter testified during the trial.

She thanked all the investigators for their dedication to the case.

"They worked for over four years. Every time I spoke to them, they had researched some more evidence, they had some more tapes, some more data," Ann Brooks said. "We are so thrilled that defendant will never be able to hurt any other family again."

In closing arguments, prosecutors pointed to DNA evidence collected against Chemirmir in other murder cases, saying it shows a pattern similar to Brooks' death.

The defense argued that the actual evidence in the death of Brooks was not enough to find Chemirmir guilty of capital murder.

Chemirmir opted not to testify in his own defense.

This is Chemirmir's second capital murder conviction in Dallas County.

Earlier this year, he was convicted for the murder of Lu Harris and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. 

The Dallas County district attorney said he didn't want to risk Chemirmir getting out on appeal.

"Mr. Chemimir will die in the pen…that was my goal I stated it. I said we’re going to do this twice to accomplish it and here we are," Dallas County DA John Creuzot said.

Brooks' family is grateful to put the trial behind them.

"Our beloved mother Mary Sue, her life is over and her jewelry is gone, but her love and memories will live in us forever," Brooks’ mother said.

Victims impact statements will happen next week.

The Dallas County DA said he will release the rest of the Chemirmir's murder cases.

That will allow him to be moved from the county jail to prison, where he will spend the rest of his life.


Collin County prosecutors have not said what they plan to do with the alleged murders in their jurisdiction. They could pursue the death penalty.