Paige Ellenberger

Paige Ellenberger


For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved a good story. Whether that was me dreaming up my own make-believe worlds, where goofy characters stole the show, or sitting in my grandpa’s living room, listening to his realities of growing up during the Great Depression or preparing to fight German troops during WWII.

Admittedly, I lost the love of telling stories somewhere along the way. It seemed my very-real life just couldn’t help but to interfere. 

It wasn’t until I began my time at James Madison University where my pen met paper again.

I quickly knew I needed to get involved there and even sooner, I knew I needed to make some friends. 

There I found The Breeze, JMU’s student newspaper, with a staff of sports writers and editors that could fit under one very small, shed roof.

I began writing about everything from national champion swimmers to Coaches of the Year, to historic football seasons and even more memorable teams.

My love for writing grew like a plant on a sunny windowsill and I branched out for more opportunities. 

I started offering color commentary for field hockey, soccer, basketball and most other sports in between. When I didn’t have the headset on, I joined the call from the sidelines covering my favorite part of sports: athlete’s stories. 

But I kept growing. I started reporting and anchoring both sports and news for the school’s on-air broadcast.

I’m no stranger to FOX either. In 2019 I worked alongside the amazing FS1 team in Charlotte, NC working on its Emmy-awarding shows RaceHub and RaceDay. 

Then in 2020 I made the full transition to news.

I packed up what I could fit into a U-Haul and made the nearly 20-hour trip from Pittsburgh, PA to start my career in Waco.

There I covered stories of hope during the pandemic, stories of struggle during social justice movements, the story of perseverance during the Vanessa Guillen trial, among so many others.

I not only fell in love with the job but also the state.

I’m so grateful and excited to stay in Texas, a place I’ve called home for nearly three years now, and work with the talented team at FOX4. 

I’m also used to early mornings and am more than ready to wake up with all of you on Good Day. 

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