While most stay home, some Dallas pedestrians venture out in icy weather

People who had to be out and about on Thursday found the sidewalks just as slick as some area roads.

For people out in the Oak Lawn neighborhood of Dallas, they found mostly closed businesses and slick conditions. But there were a few places open for those willing to walk.

"Italia Express on Cedar Springs...yeah we're open always," said Ajdin Dervisevic.

The staff has been working nonstop, making pizza and pasta for those folks looking for an open place to eat.

Italia Express was one of the few places open for what would normally be the lunchtime rush. It took one of the employees an hour and a half to get to the eatery, but he wasn’t complaining.

"It’s been busy. We like to see people's faces. If I stay home all day I don't like to be locked up. I like to be here and serve people food," Dervisevic said.

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For others, getting to work was a miserable and slippery journey.

"Got to get to work, still got to pay the bills even though everything I pass is closed," said Dominique Williams.

He’s a manager at a fast-food restaurant in Irving and walks to work. When we caught up with him, Williams was only half-way there.

"Cold, cold man, freezing. You can see my hair frozen," Williams said.

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For others, they braved the slick sidewalks for their furry companions.

Cathy Landin took her dog on a quick walk around the block.

"There are a lot of layers – boots, socks, pants, a shirt, two shirts," she said.

 Then it's back home where she'll stay for the night.

"We're relaxing, watching tv, we've got books, we've got magazines," Landin said. "We got food, we got clothes. I call it a slumber party." 

Italia Express says they've done tremendous business since they were one of the few places open.

Some places in the area planned to open up for dinner if conditions improved Thursday evening.

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