North Texas serial wallet thief strikes in McKinney

Detectives across North Texas are comparing notes, videos and still images of a woman stealing wallets from purses.

The serial thief struck again last week in McKinney, just the latest in the string of credit card and cash thefts.

"Three, possibly four cases right now and maybe even more as this investigation continues with two detectives actively looking into this," said Carla Marion Reeves, McKinney police spokesperson.

A McKinney police detective saw his suspect on FOX 4 in a recent story.

"In talking to one of the detectives on these cases, yes, he saw the news report and right away was even able to pinpoint the fact that this woman was wearing the same outfit in that video as one that he's working on," Reeves said.

One theft in McKinney was in an office. She was there for about ten minutes and at one point asked for water for herself and her dog that was in the car. Except there was no dog and it was a ruse to get the woman to leave and get water. 

"In the moment that she leaves … you see the suspect jumping out of her chair, presumably going for wallet," Reeves said. "She then waits for the woman to return with two red solo cups of water, which the suspect then carries out to the car."

In another case, the same suspect tells a health professional she needs a mental health therapist for her young son.

"Very charismatic. In fact people say that she opens up to them and tells these stories like the dog or the son that needs a therapist," Reeves said.

The Allen outlet mall was her quick destination with stolen cash and credit cards, police said. She bought shoes and designer bags and was gone before fraud alerts popped up.

Police say it’s a good idea to do the same thing at your workplace that you do with valuables in your vehicle – lock, take, hide.


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