More victims of North Texas serial purse snatcher come forward

Dallas police have still not identified the woman shown on surveillance videos taking women's wallets from purses in North Texas salons and corporate offices.

People continue contacting FOX 4 after our reports that started last week. They are realizing they've all been victimized, or someone they know has been victimized, by the same person.

The purse snatcher was caught on another video pretending to shop for a wedding gown at an Arlington bridal shop. This time, she was playing a different role for another illegal payday.

Emily asked FOX 4 to not use her last name or show her face. But she says that same person walked in to the office she works in at Preston Commons. claiming to be a new hire on the same floor.

"She was incredibly friendly, very outgoing, very chatty, asking me about life and wanting to follow me on Instagram," she recalled. "She brought in a flyer of a neighboring office and asked me to make a copy for her."

The camera angle is not great, but it caught the woman taking a flyer off an office door. It’s the flyer she asked Emily to copy.

"I was gone maybe 20 seconds. And in that time, she stole my wallet," Emily said. "There were charges at Best Buy on all of my credit cards. And then throughout the day, there was one card I didn’t get a chance to shut down and she continued to charge it at other locations in Garland and Mesquite."

It could very well be that the masks all of us have been wearing to protect us from the virus are giving this woman protection from having her face seen fully on video. In fact, in the last few weeks, she's been very prolific at picking the pockets of people's purses and taking their wallets.


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