Oak Cliff neighborhood hiring police officers to stop 4th of July illegal fireworks, gunfire

Oak Cliff residents are tired of hearing illegal fireworks and gunfire around the 4th of July, so neighbors are taking action to stop it.

"It feels like they have taken over my area, and that’s what I feel, you know, because the noise is loud," Oak Cliff resident Gwnette Christian said.

Celebratory gunfire and fireworks are both illegal in Dallas, but residents will likely hear them anyway.


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"We have fought so long with these out of control fireworks, especially on the holidays like the 4th of July," Marsalis HOA president Ola Allen said. "It has really, really been a problem and it became a concern when our senior really start complaining about it because I think you should be able to live in your community, safely enjoy your family and enjoy your community."

Allen has been working to stop the dangerous commotion, saying they’re a risk to elderly neighbors who just want to live in peace. 

"We know our Dallas Police Department can’t. They don’t have the resources, they don’t have the staff to stay right here in our community. So we decided that we would do something," she said.

The neighborhood is hiring three off-duty officers to patrol.

"When they come out, they could give citations, but they first give you a warning, have a conversation with you," Allen said. "Try to work together because it’s about working together."

Officers are paid $80 an hour and will work eight hours, patrolling with lights and sirens on.


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Christian has lived in Oak Cliff for more than 50 years. 

"With the gunfire, you don’t know where that bullets are going to land at. It can be on your roof, then you’ve got roof damage," she said. 

She said the last thing she wants to see is damage or someone injured.  

"It could break out a window, car window, anything," Christian said. 

All the noise and gunfire is not only causing a disturbance, but costing some residents in the Marsalis neighborhood money.  

"At this particular holiday, they leave. They either go to a hotel or go stay with relatives because it’s just something unbearable," Allen said. "I’m hoping other neighborhood associations emulate what we’re doing, and this will be kind of like a domino effect."  

The Dallas Police Department actually donated the use of patrol cars this year for the 4th of July.