Group created to help with Dallas building permit delays

The job is supposed to be the Dallas city manager’s responsibility. But Mayor Eric Johnson said the building permit department is such a mess he will have someone else take over.

Mayor Johnson created a group led by City Council Member Paula Blackmon to figure out how to make the department more efficient.

Some builders and developers say they are so frustrated at a backlog of applications that they are taking projects to other cities.

And this is all while the city complains about a lack of affordable housing.

"I think that this is a problem that we’ve had for many administrations. And it’s just COVID and I think the lack of proper technology, working environments… it’s just kinda caught up with us," Blackman said.

Dallas, like other cities, has what is supposed to be a one-stop shop for getting permits. But when the pandemic hit and workers went home to do their jobs, that system failed.

The problems have persisted since then.


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