Downtown Dallas skyline to go dark to save energy during winter storm power shortage

The iconic Dallas skyline should be dimmed Monday as widespread power outages continue to affect North Texas due to extreme winter weather.

The skyline, filled with many skyscrapers lined in bright and colorful lights, became the source of ire for some as it remained lit up as people across the region began losing power during rolling blackouts.

By Monday morning, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson said there would be changes for Monday night.

The booster group for the neighborhood, Downtown Dallas, Inc., said it was in the process of requesting all of the downtown buildings turn off their external lighting.

"I love our skyline at night, but we all need to do our parts to conserve energy," Johnson tweeted.

Reunion Tower tweeted that it would comply with the request.

"My external building lights tonight, as well as any other non-essential lights and electricity-consuming equipment, will be turned off to conserve electricity," the tower’s Twitter account said.


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