Dallas Weather: Severe weather video and photos from around North Texas

Severe storms that hit North Texas Thursday evening is causing some damage.

The National Weather Service issued a Tornado Watch for the entire region through 10 p.m. and many took photos and video of the storms and the destruction they left behind.

Hail as big as baseballs reportedly fell in the northern parts of the Metroplex.

Many clips out North Texas cities showed strong winds doing damage.

In Weatherford, FOX 4 viewer Austin Allison captured video of the strong winds ripping the roof off of building.

Dave Munsie shared his video of the howling winds in Haltom City.

Thousands of people were left without power due to the storms. Linda Sheldon in Arlington was surprised when the strong winds led to a huge power flash near her.

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Just before 6:30 p.m. Dallas County was placed under a Tornado Warning. Sirens went off in many cities around the area.

Chainsaws were hard at work in a Hurst neighborhood where straight-line winds whipped through in a relentless fury, toppling massive trees.

"We thank the Lord above. He was taking care of us," said Mary Reyna. "A lot of people got worse than us. We just pray for them."

Several neighbors on Donald Court were home and heard the ground buckle beneath two huge trees just a few feet apart

"We heard this fall down, and my mom came through last night and noticed all of them," said Lucy King. "This morning, we were coming through and looking at it and mom asked if we could help."

Fortunately, the falling trees did not damage homes.

Karl Frank is thankful for that. 

"You could hear another crack a little bit. Then about another 30 seconds, you hear another crack and it got louder you know. I was like oh that’s probably that tree," he said. "Open the door and sure enough here it is laying in the front yard. Thankfully it went this way and not toward the house."


FOX 4 viewers shared images of the storm and hail falling.

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