City of Dallas invests $4M in cybersecurity after ransomware attack

The City of Dallas is investing $4 million in a system aimed at preventing future cyberattacks.

The City Council's plan for a detection system comes two months after Dallas was hit by a ransomware attack.

The attack in early May, carried out by the group known as Royal, took down city systems, including police and fire dispatch, courts, online payment systems, the Dallas Public Library and Dallas Animal Services among others.


Dallas Public Library system back up weeks after ransomware attack

Since the attack that took down many city systems in early May, librarians had to check out books, DVDs and other material by hand.

Houston-based technology service provider Netsync Network Solutions will work over the next 3 years to stop any cyber threat.

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This agreement is an upgrade from the nearly $900,000 Dallas invested in early May, just a week before the ransomware attack.

That deal with Netsync provided the city with a detection option for devices like servers and workers' computers.