North Texans are sharing photos of odd cloud formations Saturday. Here's what they are.

The FOX 4 newsroom received several pictures from FOX 4 viewers on Saturday of some very interesting cloud formations.

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Mammatus clouds in Rockwall. (Courtesy: Derek Cockerham)

The clouds with bulges or pouches are called Mammatus clouds.

They are called mammatus from the term mamma in Latin which means udder. 

The large lumps on the undersides are formed by cold air sinking down to form pockets as opposed to the puffs of clouds rising through the convection of warm air.

Mammatus typically forms when there is turbulence within a cumulonimbus cloud. 

The lack of stability that forms a Mammatus cloud usually means that there is also a chance of hail, heavy rain and lightning in the area.


Saturday storms could bring egg-sized hail, damaging winds

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A Severe Thunderstorm Watch is in effect for most of the area on Saturday.

Several Severe Thunderstorm Warnings have also been issued with some areas seeing hail.

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