Bernie Sanders’ path to politics began with a loss at a high school in Brooklyn

Bernie Sanders has become known as a force to be reckoned with on the campaign trail, firing up thousands of supporters at his rallies. But his closest confidantes say things weren’t always like they are today, like the time he lost the race for student body president at James Madison High School in Brooklyn.

Bernie Sanders announces $150B plan to expand broadband access

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is promising to invest $150 billion to bring high-speed internet to “every household in America” while breaking up and better regulating monopolies he says currently limit access to drive up their profits.

Sanders facing tougher 2020 competition for liberal support

Barbara Lee supported Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential bid, helping him score one of his most decisive victories that year when he dominated the New Hampshire primary. But as he wages another bid for the White House, Lee is looking at a different candidate. "I like him, I like his ideas," the 66-year-old retired massage therapist said of Sanders. "I just think right at the...