Food trailer vendors feel unfairly penalized by Dallas city ordinance

Under the city's current ordinance, operating a food trailer costs a lot more than a food truck, despite the similar business model. To operate a food truck in Dallas, you just need an annual permit. But if you have a less expensive food trailer, the city requires a permit for each event the trailer does business at. Small business owners say that is making the cost of business too high.

North Texans venture out in winter storm in search for food

While many North Texas restaurants shut down Thursday because of the storm, some stayed open. But it wasn't exactly business as usual. The advice is to stay off the roads. But some workers headed to their jobs so other people had a hot meal to eat.

Texas restaurants make plea to Congress to replenish COVID-19 relief fund

The Texas Restaurant Association says more than 90% of their members are experiencing higher food costs and supply chain issues, and nearly 80% don’t have the staff needed to meet customer demand. It is making a plea to Congress to replenish the restaurant revitalization fund so restaurants can stay in business.

North Texas restaurants dealing with low staff, supplies during omicron surge

Restaurants are still feeling the pain from staffing and product shortages during this ongoing COVID-19 surge. One Fort Worth restaurant owner says he had to close down right before New Year’s Eve because he didn't have staff. He’s still struggling to find ingredients for certain menu items and supplies.

Bucket List Dishes

Ultimate Foodie Trey Chapman of "Trey's Chowdown" shares his top list of dishes to try in 2022. You can also see the complete list :