Trackdown: Oak Cliff woman pleads guilty in murder-for-hire of husband

An Oak Cliff woman pled guilty in federal court to orchestrating her husband's murder with her out-of-state boyfriend. 

Jennifer Faith's case hit the federal level because of interstate commerce used in the conspiracy. 

Jennifer Faith said in an October 2020 FOX4 Trackdown segment that she needed closure and hoped someone would come forward who knew what happened to her husband. 

Jamie Faith was gunned down, shot seven times from behind, as he and his wife walked Maggie the dog.

"Anytime someone loses their life when people come together and put a plan together to take someone's life, it’s a horrible thing and we can't allow that in the city," said Det. Eric Barnes, Dallas police.

Defense attorneys Toby Shook and Cody Skipper walked Jennifer Faith through her guilty plea to using interstate commerce in the commission of a murder for hire. 

"Jennifer Faith wants her husband dead so she essentially manipulates an old high school boyfriend through emails and other devices to kill her husband and he does," said Richard Roper, former U.S. Attorney.

Murder for hire is a death penalty case. Jamie Faith's family asked for the death penalty not be an option.

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Darren Lopez, the old high school boyfriend, has not gone to trial for his alleged role in the murder.

Jennifer Faith concocted the scheme so she could go back to a life with her high school sweetheart on the $629,000 insurance policy that Jamie Faith had through his I.T. director job at American Airlines.

"You usually see stuff like this in the movies, but in this case it's real life," Roper said.

Jennifer Faith admitted sending emails to Lopez with generic pictures downloaded from the internet depicting physical and sexual abuse she said was caused by her husband. She even created fake emails supposedly from her husband and girlfriend sent to Lopez. It was abuse that never happened.

After the murder, she sent Lopez her credit cards to use in Tennessee and even sent money raised in a GoFundMe to her distant lover.

"Miss Faith isn’t going to get out of prison during her life, in my estimation," Roper said.

Sentencing for Jennifer Faith is set for the afternoon of May 26.


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