Shooting after Oak Lawn car accident sends 1 to hospital

Dallas police say a minor car accident in Dallas' Oak Lawn neighborhood ended in a shooting that sent one person to the hospital in critical condition and another to jail.

Neighbors heard several minutes of screaming coming from the suspect after he allegedly shot a man in the car behind him.

"Stop f****** playing with me, man," the man can be heard screaming on Ring camera footage.

The video, shared with Dallas Police, appears to reveal 39-year-old Warner Portis screaming off Congress Avenue, after he shot a man following a minor crash.

Warner Portis (Source: Dallas Jail)

"I’ve been telling you dumb m*****f******, don’t play with me like that, man! Quit f****** playing with me!" he screams.

Dallas police say Portis exited a gray Audi and started shooting at a man in a Toyota behind him.

The man drove his car in reverse and hit a pole.

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Portis fired several more shots, according to witnesses.

At some point, the victim was shot.

FOX 4 crews spotted several bullet holes on the front hood and windshield of the victim's car.

"I heard what I think is four to five gunshots. Immediately started to count them in my head," said Raha Assadi, who lives nearby. "Moved my dog away from the window and heard what sounded like a car crash and then several more shots after that."

Assadi then called 911. She provided FOX 4 with footage she recorded, she says she offered it to police, but they declined.

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It appears to show Portis with his hands up, pleading his case to officers, saying the man he shot "rammed" his vehicle from the back.

"So he was not trying to flee the scene, he was not trying to run," Assadi said.

Police say Portis and the man he shot did not know each other prior to this incident, but police did not say if there was anything other than the minor crash that escalated to the shooting.

Police will not say if a weapon was or was not found on the victim or in his car.

"I can’t really say that I remember ever hearing a gunshot in Oak Lawn," Assadi said.

Assadi and some neighbors speaking off-camera with FOX 4 say based upon the intensity of words shouted on-scene, the shooting appeared to be personal.

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A person, believed to be Portis, can be heard on scene saying, "I told these dumb m*****f******, go find them somebody else to f****** play with," 

Portis' bond is set at $50,000 he's charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.