Missing Everman boy Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez's mother, stepfather seen escaping country in new images

Newly released surveillance images from late March at DFW Airport show the family of a little boy now presumed to be dead: 6-year-old Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez of Everman.

Moving through airport security authorities say Noel's mother, Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, and her husband, Arshdeep Singh, carried out a plan to leave the country with their six children just days after police began questioning the whereabouts of Cindy's missing son.

We've known for some time about the images, but they were only recently cleared by Homeland Security to release.

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"It’s showing the family going through the airport. You can see the family, and it’s kind of one of those things that hits home," said Everman police chief Craig Spencer. "There's people gathered around that don’t even realize what’s going on and what’s transpiring behind them, and they appear very normal, just going through the airport on their way to Turkey."

The fugitive couple is now believed to be in India and federal investigators are working that aspect of the case to locate them.

"As things have slowed down we’ve been waiting to hear back from FBI," said Chief Spencer.


Missing Everman Boy: Stepfather stole $10,000 before fleeing country, police say

Everman police say Arshdeep Singh, Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez's stepfather, stole $10,000 from the company for which he worked prior to escaping the country.

The effort to locate Noel's remains has quietly continued for months at the home where the family lived.

Video shows the last full search of the home in April was just released by Everman Police.

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It shows cadaver dogs sounding off an alert behind the home where Noel's mother mysteriously had a concrete patio poured. 

Investigators say the carpet the dog examined was once inside the backyard makeshift shed where the family lived.

The carpet was thrown out by Noel's stepfather before the family fled the country.

"We know his remains are somewhere, we just don’t know where. And the other facts we don’t know, is we don’t know why he died and that's what our investigators have been working to determine," said Chief Spencer. "Was this a case of neglect? Was this a case of accidental death? Is this a case of murder? We don’t know the answer to any of that. That’s what our investigators have been working to uncover."

Chief Spencer says additional investigators have been added to the team from surrounding local and county agencies.

He says a small number of the investigators are working on the case full-time.