Narcan used to revive Carrollton middle school student

A student was revived after an apparent opioid overdose Wednesday at a middle school in Carrollton.

According to the Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District, staff members at Dewitt Perry Middle School used Narcan to revive the student.

The student was responsive when taken to the hospital.

Crisis counselors were sent in to help classmates who witnessed the incident, the district said.

It is at least the second time a school in Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD has used Narcan to save a student’s life in recent weeks.


Van Zandt County forms fentanyl task force after 2 student overdoses

Law enforcement officials in Van Zandt County are aggressively working to track down the dangerous opioid after two recent student overdoses. The 13-year-old who overdosed on Monday is still in the hopspital.

Perry Middle School is one of several schools in the district tied to a fentanyl trafficking ring.

Three people were arrested earlier this year after being accused of supplying teenagers with the pills.

While multiple suspected drug dealers have been arrested, the problem continues to exist. 

"It’s a pill, it’s hidden, it’s silent, that’s the scary part, it’s silent," said Lisa Vargas, who is the parent of a 6th grade student at Perry Middle School.

Vargas and her family recently moved back to Carrollton from the Houston area. 

She’s upset and scared after hearing a student became unresponsive in class earlier this week and had to be revived by school officials who used Narcan, an opioid overdose antidote.

"In the morning, you say, ‘Have a good day, I love you,’ but also don’t take nothing [pills, drugs] from nobody, and that’s my message," Vargas added.

A month ago, a student at RL Turner High School became unresponsive on campus after ingesting a pill. 

Narcan was also used. 

Angela Tidwell lives across the street from Perry Middle School. Her son is a freshman at RL Turner. 

"It’s very scary, you’ve got to worry about your kids, with school shootings, drug overdose," Tidwell said. "Hold your kids tight at night, tell them you love them because tomorrow is never promised."

Multiple suspected drug dealers have been arrested in recent months. 

There’s been multiple overdoses and three deaths linked to fentanyl pills in Carrollton involving middle and high school students.

"I’m scared, I’m nervous. Do I want to remove him from this district or this school? That has crossed my mind," Vargas said.

Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD now has Narcan stations in schools. 

While Narcan is a way to help the immediate response to an overdose, this community is looking for a more permanent solution. 

In the meantime, parents said what they tell their kids every day before school. 

"Don’t take anything from anybody because you don’t know what it is. Talk to your kids," Tidwell said.

"Do the right thing, go to school, focus, don’t get wrapped up into this fentanyl crisis," Vargas said.

FOX 4 asked the district for a statement from the superintendent, but did not get one. 

There was a letter shared with parents, directing them to resources about fentanyl.