North Texas pediatric hospitals seeing spike in COVID-19 cases among kids

The delta variant is causing a huge pediatric surge that is similar to November 2020, right before the massive spike at Christmas time. Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth is reporting case numbers at rates not seen since February. While the numbers are small compared with the population, it is the increase that has doctors concerned.

EPA alerts Garland ISD about potential lead concerns near elementary school

Late Sunday evening, Garland ISD acknowledged for the first time that the EPA has alerted the district of a potential environmental hazard. The hazard is related to the Globe-Union battery manufacturing plant. The EPA found elevated levels of lead near the banks of a creek outside the fence of Park Crest Elementary.

Virtual learning negatively impacted STAAR test scores, results show

Across the state, the failure rate for the reading portion of the STAAR test increased by 4% compared with 2019, and it was 16% higher on the math portion. Nearly 4 out of 10 students are not even close to being ready for the next grade. The biggest impact was felt by virtual learners.