FBI says Burleson man carved 'Murder the Media' on Capitol door during riot

There have been more charges brought against Burleson’s Nicholas DeCarlo, who reportedly had a hand in the Capitol riot last month.

He now faces added charges of conspiracy and destruction of government property.

DeCarlo’s one-time Burleson neighbor was flabbergasted when he was told about the charges.

"It’s crazy. It’s not funny that he did that, I’m just saying it’s crazy because he used to live right here," Colton said. "What other neighbor could be like that, you know? But that’s how it is in this world, you just got to watch yourself."

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DeCarlo and Nicholas Ochs, a founding member of Hawaii’s Proud Boys chapter, which is a hate group defined by the Southern Poverty Law Center, reportedly traveled together and are now indicted together.

A newly-unsealed federal indictment reports the two inscribed "Murder the Media" on a door inside the Capitol.

They were pictured next to the inscription, but investigators now say they’re the ones who did it.

Nicholas DeCarlo (right) appears to be wearing a "Murder the Media" t-shirt while posing next to a "Murder the Media" reference etched into a Capitol door. (FBI)

The indictment also said the two stole flex handcuffs belonging to a Capitol police officer.

Those are zip ties, like the ones Grapevine’s Larry Brock Jr., who is also charged in connection with the Capitol riot, is seen carrying in pictures.

"It’s crazy. It’s crazy what this world coming to," Colton said.

There are also additional arrests coming out of North Texas.

Two people, Jason Hyland and Katherine Schwab, who reportedly flew on a private jet with Frisco realtor Jenna Ryan, are also charged with entering the capitol.

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Hyland told investigators that Capitol police officers held doors to the building open, and when he asked if he could go inside, one officer said, "Everyone else is," according to his arrest warrant.

The FBI said more arrests are coming, and in cases like DeCarlo’s, some previously charged will see even more counts down the line as investigators continue to comb through evidence.