Family member of murdered teen Shavon Randle admits to keeping information to herself during Amber Alert

A family member of murdered teen Shavon Randle knew what was happening in the hours after the kidnapping but kept critical details to herself.

That revelation came on day two of testimony at the Desmond Jones organized criminal activity trial. Jones faces charges connected to the girl's disappearance and death along with Michael Titus, 19.

Many of the pieces coming through Shavon’s cousin, LaDoris Randle, whose boyfriend is another suspect connected to the case, Kendall Perkins.

LaDoris told the court that Perkins sold drugs and participated in a theft of marijuana. She knew the robbery targets were going to be Shavon’s cousin, Micheal Titus and another man, Darius Fields.

After the drugs were stolen and Shavon was kidnapped, LaDoris got phone calls at work.

“If you don’t bring me back the drugs then I’m gonna kill the b****,” is what was said on the call, LaDoris said.

She admitted under questioning by prosecutor Krystal Biggins that she did not tell police or anyone what she knew until much later. LaDoris told the court she didn’t because she was scared they might come after her.

FBI agent Jennifer Mullican put Desmond Jones in that Motel 6 room where the drugs were stashed with his own social media posts. He was flashing money while Michael Titus was taking selfies with the weed. There was also a gun also in that motel room.

The white Ford 500 part of the Amber Alert for Shavon belonged to the girlfriend of Jones.

During testimony, FBI agent Jennifer Mullican answered the puzzling question: Why was Shavon killed?

“In this kind of narcotics trafficking world you can’t appear to be a punk... So if somebody steals from you, you have to prove to the community prove to them that they can’t do that to you.”

Mullican said it’s her opinion Fields and his crew kidnapped and killed a 13-year-old girl so he and his crew could show people not to mess with him again.

Testimony resumes in the case on Wednesday morning.


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