Timeline: Lancaster teen murdered after kidnapping

Police say 13-year-old Lancaster teen Shavon Randle was kidnapped as a ransom for drugs stolen by people connected to her family.

She was brutally murdered and left in a vacant house with Michael Titus -- also killed.

Darius Fields was the top man in a drug dealing operation that had been fronted a large amount of marijuana, with Devontae Owens as his right hand.

Laporsha Polley, Michael Titus, Laquan Wilkerson, Desmond Jones were all connected to Fields. Titus told Kendall Perkins, the boyfriend of Ladoris Randle, about the marijuana and that it was at the Motel 6 in Lancaster with Polley.


Perkins and others went to the hotel and robbed Polley of the drugs and her property. After his arrest, he told officers he stole 22 pounds of pot. Polley reported the robbery to police - but not the stolen marijuana.


Fields and Owens try to figure out who has their dope and ask associates who talked about the weed in the hotel. Titus fessed up, telling them everything he knew about Perkins. By then Perkins had told his girlfriend what he had done.


Lancaster police respond to Southridge Drive at 12:42 p.m. Shavon Randle is missing and police would later issue an Amber Alert.

Ladoris Randle tells police she got a phone call about 10:30 a.m. the same day from an unknown person who said, "They had the victim" and "Give us our s*** back or we are going to kill her."

Randle also said her boyfriend told her he had stolen a large amount of narcotics and that she knew one of the men was Fields.

Lancaster police called the FBI into the investigation

FBI Agent J. Anders, through a confidential informant, learned that a man known as "Trey" told the C.I. "He was going to kidnap a child to get his narcotics back." The FBI identified "Trey" as Owens and he is charged with kidnapping.

Records show Owens’ cell phone and Shavon Randle's cellphone "traveled in the same direction away from the victim's residence” and that the suspects called Perkins from the victim's phone before it was shut off.

Wilkerson is charged as a co-conspirator in the kidnapping. His phone records show he had incoming and outgoing calls to a number known for Owens and to the victim's residence "and his cell phone showed to follow with the same path the victim's cellphone took when she was kidnapped."     


Fields and Polley are arrested at an Irving hotel.

He is charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of controlled substance and possession of marijuana. She is charged with possession of marijuana (five to fifty pounds) and tampering with evidence. The arrest affidavit says she was actively flushing marijuana down the toilet when cops entered the hotel room.


Jones leads police and FBI to the vacant house where the bodies are found.

He was charged with failure to report a felony with serious bodily injury.

Titus was killed, it appears, for talking about the marijuana. Shavon Randle killed to cause pain for her family because someone connected to them stole the drugs.

As of Tuesday afternoon, no one has yet been charged in the murders of Titus and Randle. Ballistics work is likely being done on bullets recovered from Titus and guns recovered by FBI and police. There’s also been no ruling on how Randle died from the medical examiner, but that could come later this week.