Dallas and Tarrant counties raise COVID-19 risk levels

With the number of new COVID-19 cases in North Texas increasing, both Dallas and Tarrant counties have raised their COVID-19 risk levels. North Texas hospitals are also on alert.

In Dallas County, the color-coded system is now at yellow, which indicates a low community risk of transmission. Residents are urged to "proceed carefully."

Back in April, Dallas County lowered its COVID-19 risk assessment to the lowest level it has been since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said this was done at the recommendation of the Public Health Committee.

The committee said the "primary driver of this increase is that much of the population remains unvaccinated, under vaccinated (have not received all doses) or unboosted with COVID-19 vaccine," adding that the "vaccines are our most powerful tools in protecting our residents and our economy as they prevent hospitalizations, long COVID-19, and death. 

The Tarrant County Public Health Department said it is also seeing a spike in COVID-19 cases again. 

Cases in Tarrant County have been rising since late June, but they are still way below peak levels from last January.

Health officials are urging people to once again wear masks indoors, espeically in public places like airports and at large social gatherings.

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