COVID-19 cases slowly beginning to rise in North Texas

The number of COVID-19 cases is slowly going up in North Texas. Hospitalizations are still pretty low, though.

There were 351 new cases reported in Collin and Denton counties on Sunday. Dallas and Tarrant counties will report their numbers later in the week.

But the best measure is the seven-day rolling average. It is up to 582 cases, which is about 9% higher than a week ago.

Parkland Health’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Joseph Chang said as long as people stay home when they are sick and follow basic hygiene, he does not think people will need to go back to wearing face masks.

"I don’t anticipate that here in North Texas. We’ve been doing really well. Even with the case numbers going up, it’s still relatively small and it’s also a very slow rise compared to previous waves," he said.

Dr. Chang said Parkland is currently only treating three COVID-19 patients. At the peak of the pandemic, the Dallas hospital it had more than 400 COVID-19 patients.