2 North Texas men accused of assaulting officers during Capitol riot

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Lucas Denney (left) and Donald Hazard (right) are each facing charges including assaulting law enforcement officers.

Two Tarrant County men face federal criminal charges for the January attack on the United States Capitol by Donald Trump supporters.

Lucas Denney of Mansfield is accused of recruiting people to join his militia and travel with him to Washington D.C.

Federal prosecutors said he wore a face mask and tactical gear.

He’s accused of pushing one police officer, swinging a metal pole at another and pulling a third officer down steps outside the Capitol.

Donald Hazard of Hurst is also accused of recruiting people for Denney’s militia and on Jan. 6 fighting with Capitol police.

The FBI said Hazard knocked one officer unconscious. 

He and Denney each face charges including assaulting law enforcement officers.

The Dallas FBI field office has now made 35 arrests for the Jan. 6 case.


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