The difference between sleet and freezing rain

The forecast in Dallas-Fort Worth is not pretty over the next few days, with parts of the Metroplex seeing both freezing rain and sleet.

That has many people asking: what is the difference?

Winter Storm Warning issued for North Texas through Wednesday morning

Sleet vs. Freezing Rain 

Source: National Weather Service

Both sleet and freezing rain happen due to a very similar process, according to the National Weather Service.

Freezing rain develops when the raindrops do not have time to freeze before hitting the ground. The water then freezes once it hits the ground, making a layer of ice.

Sleet is when frozen precipitation melts as it falls through warm air and then refreezes before it hits the ground.

Both are very dangerous for drivers because just a small amount of ice can cause drivers to lose control.

North Texas roads expected to be icy Monday afternoon

The buildup of ice can also snap tree branches and damage power lines.