Arlington Lamar only Texas school with two Super Bowl players

Seven Texas high school football programs will be represented in this year's Super Bowl. Four of them are from right here in the DFW metroplex. But only Arlington Lamar High School will have two former players in the big game: linebacker Kyron Johnson with the Eagles and quarterback Shane Buechele with the Chiefs.

"Having Lamar to be the only team in Texas to have two people playing in the Super Bowl is huge. It's good to put Lamar on the map," Shane said. "Being in year two, just the Super Bowl experience, it's something you always dreamed of and prayed about and I'm thankful God has blessed me to be in this position in year two to be in a Super Bowl, it's truly amazing."

"I'm just so proud of both of them, no matter who wins - even though I'm going for the Eagles. I'm just proud of both of them and so grateful that they both get the opportunity," Stephanie said.

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Steve and Nancy Buechele are Shane’s parents.

"It's going to be great. Every time he pops up on the TV screen - because you always see him on the sideline or in the background or next to Patrick with the headphones on or clipboard or whatever - we're always out there. We're looking for that," Steve said.

"I always tell him, I go, 'Take it all in. Look around, take it all in. Because it's just the chance of a lifetime,’" Nancy said.

Billy Skinner was on the defensive coaching staff at Arlington Lamar when Kyron and Shane were Vikings. He's now the head coach of the program.

"The biggest thing I remember about Kyron? One, he's an incredible athlete. He's got the voice of an angel. He would be in the locker room, and he would sing, he's got a very soulful voice," the coach said. "Shane was always the first kid out of the locker room onto the practice field and he never walked to it. He always ran to the practice field because that was his mindset. He was running to get better."

The paths Shane and Kyron have taken to the Super Bowl are proof that no step is given and that few straight lines exist.

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Shane became the starting quarterback at Lamar as a sophomore. Kyron was still fighting to get off the junior varsity team his junior season.

After college, Kyron was picked in the sixth round of this year's NFL Draft and has seen the field for Philadelphia as a rookie.

Shane went undrafted in 2021 and has not played a down in the regular season yet as the Chiefs third-string QB.

The sign on the door holding Shane’s picture back at Lamar says it all.

"I have my head down. I'm learning as much as possible. But also, I've taken that step, man," he said. "From year one to year two, physically, mentally. I think I showed that in the preseason games that I can play at this level."

Sunday night, Kyron will be coming for Shane’s teammate, Patrick Mahomes.

"He was one of those people that you didn't want to mess with," Shane said.

"I remember him saying at one of the interviews, he said, 'It's going to be his pleasure to sack them all,’" Stephanie said. "So I'm sure he's thinking the exact same way."

When the dust settles between the Chiefs and Eagles, two former Vikings will have an opportunity to make a moment happen that Arlington Lamar would treasure forever.

"My head might explode if we do that," Kinner said. "That'd be really cool. Somebody needs to let them know we need to get that done."

One way or another, Lamar will have its third former player turned Super Bowl champion.

John Brandes was the first in 1992 with Washington. Bobby Brown won last year with the LA Rams. 

Now, Kyron or Shane will be the third Viking turned world champion.