Chip Waggoner

Chip Waggoner

Traffic Reporter

Hi! I'm Chip Waggoner.

One responsibility I have here at FOX 4 is informing you of the latest traffic hot spots on the roads and keep you ahead of the game in your race to work. On any given day, our search will lead us to stalled cars, construction zones, accidents and other obstacles that could hinder your daily drive to and from work and school.

As you know, some days are definitely better than others!

I'm a Horned Frog grad and am married to a 4th generation Baylor my blood flows purple with a hint of green and gold! We have two children and our life is simple: family, work, get the kids wherever they need to be and sleep....though the sleep thing is not as large a part of the pie that it needs to be!!

My hobbies include (in no particular order) baseball, golf, softball, traveling and playing my guitar.

If you want to find out more about detours and other traffic derailments, follow me on Twitter @chipwaggoner. May you always have a "Good Day!"

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