White Settlement church gunman’s ex-wife: ‘I’m so sorry’

The ex-wife of the man who killed two people at a White Settlement church before being shot dead by security said she feels terrible about what he did.

Deacon Tony Wallace and security team member Richard White were shot and killed by 43-year-old Keith Kinnunen, who FBI officials described as a transient. Kinnunen also had a lengthy criminal history.

West Freeway Church of Christ had reportedly given Kinnunen food several times but he became angry when they wouldn’t give him money. Witnesses said he was wearing a disguise when he opened fire in the sanctuary.

Angela Holloway used to be married to the gunman. Holloway says they divorced in 2010.

"I'm glad they stopped him when they did,” Holloway said.

Kinnunen struggled on and off with drug use, but she never imagined him capable of something like what occurred Sunday. She and her son, who was Kinnunen's stepson, want the victim's families to know how sorry they are.

“It's hard, its hard on all of us. Only thing I can tell them numerous times, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry,” Holloway said. “We tried to encourage him. He's popped in and out of our lives for years. He's kept in contact with my oldest son, my two younger kids and everybody kept telling him, you need to get right. You need to do right.”

While the church is hurting, leaders said the tragedy will not stop their mission to help anyone they can.

Repair and cleanup crews began working Tuesday at the West Freeway Church of Christ. 

The church announced services will be held on the campus Sunday but not in the sanctuary. Instead, they will be in the church’s fellowship hall. Also, each year the church has a New Year’s Day service. That has been canceled.

On Monday night, church members met privately while people from other churches in the community held a vigil outside.