Violent weekend in Dallas comes with police department leadership change imminent

A violence-filled weekend in Dallas comes as the department is about to enter a transition period.

Chief Renee Hall spoke Monday about the Dallas Police Department’s reaction to the seven people killed as other police leaders say there needs to be more clarity about what happens when Hall leaves in a month.

Dallas has already far surpassed the number of murders from last year with more than a month left to go and aggravated assaults also on the rise.

The situation is so dire, Chief Hall says the FBI and state resources are assisting DPD. She's also reassigned dozens of police officers to patrol division targeting four undisclosed high-crime areas.

“What we are seeing this weekend is alarming and it makes us angry because it’s senseless violence,” Hall said.

The chief’s comments were the department’s second virtual news conference on violent crime in just five days.

New murders from the weekend bring this year’s tally to 220, compared to 200 for all of 2019. Assaults are up 26% from this time last year.

Included in the homicide count is last week’s high profile murder of rapper MO3, who was gunned down on I-35 in broad daylight. Police say it was revenge for someone who was left off an album. The killing is loosely related to other recent violent crimes.

Even more concerning is police say they’re seeing a shift away from crime between people who know each other.

There was an attack on a couple driving on East Grand Avenue in East Dallas early Monday where a man was shot in the neck but survived.

Investigators believe a black Tahoe is connected to that shooting as well as two homicides Saturday on Empire Central and another at Beckley and Clarendon.

Dallas police also released surveillance video of two cars wanted in connection to a homicide on Sunday off Denley Drive. A man was shot to death in his front yard. Investigators are looking for a 2018 Infiniti Q50 and what is believed to be a 2010 Nissan Maxima.

Dallas police are also looking for a Honda Civic with black rims wanted in connection to the murder Sunday night of a 49-year-old Raul Resendiz and his 30-year-old daughter who gave chase.

Chief Hall did not go into detail about the state help the department is now getting. But during last year's spike in violent crimes, the chief welcomed DPS troopers to help with the problem. The warm welcome was not extended by all, especially by those in South Dallas, but stats showed crime did go down in the area.

George Aranda is the president of the National Latino Law Enforcement organization which represents 1,800 DPD officers.

“They're worn out. These officers are tired. Especially those in homicide unit assaults and robbery. They're tired,” Aranda said. “It's no secret the crime plan hasn't worked. It's not working. We need to hire more officers and put more officers on the street.”

As police try to provide answers, more unknowns loom with Hall exiting next month.

“We don’t have the gift of time,” said Dallas Police Association President Mike Mata.

He believes criminals are emboldened because of a jail and court system that he thinks doesn’t go far enough to punish them.

Mata implored the city manager TC Broadnax, who alone will pick the next police chief, to quickly name an interim.

“I think our city leaders need to go ahead and ask Chief Hall to go on about her way. No offense to her but we are moving in a different direction,” Mata said. “I think we need someone who is going to start correcting the ship today, not tomorrow, not December 15, not January 1. Somebody that can step in today and say look this is what is broke and we need to fix it.”

Councilwoman Carolyn King Arnold, who sits on the public safety committee, says she is concerned about the escalation in violent crime. She’s calling upon our community stakeholders, pastors and businesses to help make the community safe for all residents.


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