VIDEO: Dallas Methodist hospital shooting captured on surveillance, body camera

Dallas police released surveillance and body camera video of the shooting at Methodist Dallas Medical Center on Oct. 22 that killed two healthcare workers.

DPD edited the video that was released "out of respect for the victims and their families."


The Dallas Police Department is the lead investigating agency both for the criminal investigation and the officer-involved shooting investigation.

Dallas PD released the footage in an effort to be transparent.

Nestor Hernandez, the alleged Methodist Dallas Medical Center gunman, was seen on security footage walking into the mother/baby unit after arriving at the hospital at 10:21 a.m. on Saturday, October 22.

Hernandez walked down a hallway, eventually entering Room 4006, where his girlfriend and newborn child were.

Dallas police said Hernandez began acting violently and assaulted his girlfriend after accusing her of infidelity.

"During that visit, the suspect pulled a handgun from his pants and hit the patient in the head multiple times," Dallas Police Department Deputy Chief Terrence Rhodes said.

From hospital surveillance, Methodist Medical System Sgt. Robert Rangel was seen a few doors down while investigating a stolen property call.

The video shows hospital social worker Jacqueline Pokuaa entering Room 4006 to check on Hernandez’s girlfriend.

Rangel heard a gunshot, recorded by his body cam, which Dallas police said killed Pokuaa.

Then, there were two more shots.

The first shot was aimed at Sgt. Rangel, Dallas police said.

The second hit 63-year-old nurse Katie Annette Flowers, who looked into the room to investigate the sound, according to police.

In the blurred surveillance video, Flowers ran for help, but later died.

Rangel is heard calling for backup. 

"DPD, I need ‘em out here quick," he said.


Just 48 seconds after video showed Hernandez fire his third shot, Sgt. Rangel shot Hernandez in his leg as he was reloading his weapon and walking toward the hallway, according to a Dallas police timeline.

From there, terrifying screams can be heard that appear to be coming from Hernandez’s girlfriend, who is still in Room 4006 with her newborn child.

Then, 67 seconds after the sergeant’s shot, he began verbal communication with Hernandez.

"Come out over here. Please, come out…I’m Robert. What’s your name partner? What’s your name? Talk to me," Rangel said.

"My name is Nestor, what’s up?" Hernandez responded.

"OK, we can work this out partner, OK? All I want to do is just get the people outside, please," Rangel said. "Just throw the gun outside, throw the gun out, please. Throw the gun outside."

Hernandez appears to be unwilling to throw the gun outside despite multiple commands from Sgt. Rangel, who had already advised dispatch that this is a hostage situation.

"Partner, we can work this out, man, trust me," Rangel said.

"Nah, ain’t no working s*** out, bro," Hernandez responded. "Y’all don’t know what the f**** going on, bro!"

"I’ve got no idea bro. I don’t even know who you are," Rangel said.

In the video, we hear Rangel describing to police backup the black pistol that Hernandez has. Rangel said he fired a shot. It’s unclear if he’s aware the shot hit Hernandez.

"All I could see was a black pistol. He walked in the room…he was coming out…he had the gun in his hand, I shot one time and he went back in the room," Rangel said.

Negotiations continued.

"Throw that gun outside, partner. C’mon, work with me," Rangel said.

Hernandez's girlfriend can be heard yelling at police to not shoot him as they move toward the room.

"Don’t shoot him!" she said. "I’m begging you, please, don’t shoot him!"

The security footage showed the backup officers on scene, and Hernandez appeared to give up.

"Crawl out! Keep coming to the hallway. I need you in the hallway," an officer said.

Just 13 minutes after Hernandez fired his first shot, officers surrounded him outside the room and performed first aid while taking him into custody. 

"Stay on the ground. Hands up. Hands up," officers told him.

At that point, Dallas police intentionally removed the video but allowed audio to continue. For the first time, we hear the cries of the newborn baby who was in the room during the entire ordeal.

Hernandez was treated at another hospital. He since has been charged with capital murder, and assault of a public servant has been transferred to the Dallas County Jail.

Methodist Health System Police asked the Dallas Police Department to take over the homicide investigation.

That investigation is ongoing.

Hernandez was out on parole for an aggravated assault in 2015 and given special permission from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to go to the hospital to be with his girlfriend for the birth of her baby.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is investigating how Hernandez was able to get a gun.